Experience the prolonged pulse of waiting for a reply...

Instant deliveries, Double ticks, Blue ticks - Did gave us some comfort,
But not all messages are ment to fade away in an instant. Writing a letter not knowing when she'll receive it, what will the reply be and then the smile on your face when you receive a letter
- yeeah that's worth waiting every second 😉

Nah, Am not convinced

Why should I go back and write a letter, when I have the latest technology connecting people?

Actually you don't have to.
Not everyone is important to you, but there are people whom you would take time to sit down and write a letter for their birthday or any special occasion prior to the event - waiting for them to receive it, read it, adore it. Its time you value emotions more than technology.

Write a letter only if you wanted to.

where can I use this service?

  • Personal Letters

    All your message will be encrypted and sent on a plain postcard, nobody other than the person you send can decrypt the message on their phone.

  • For Businesses

    Receive feedback, send custom promotional offers more efficienly by directly sending it to your customer hands. This way you don't spam them with junk but provide them valuable offers with personal attention to their likes.

  • Alternate Paper Mail

    Utlity bills, Statements, Notice alerts,.. and much more irrelevent paper mail we receive are thrown out with lots of paper & plastic. Why don't we have them on plain encrypted postcards and read them on mobile.

type your Letters, we'll post them for you
Just an idea gone wild ;)